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4+1 versus MAAP: which is right for you?

When planning their next steps after graduation, undergraduate students have a lot to think about: Start an internship? Begin a career? Go to graduate school? The Daniels College of Business is always happy to help students make those decisions, but for undergrads looking to continue their education, we can help make the transition a bit easier.

Daniels encourages University of Denver (DU) undergraduates to stay in the family and get a head start on a graduate business degree through 4+1 programs. For seniors and recent graduates from DU or any other accredited institution, the Master’s Accelerated Admissions Process (MAAP) offers a fast track to joining the Daniels community.

4+1 programs

Through 4+1 programs, undergraduates from any college at DU—not just Daniels—can earn both their bachelor’s and master’s degrees in just five years. Students can apply to a graduate program during their junior year, then begin graduate-level business courses during their senior year. Not only does this offer an early start on a master’s program, it also results in fewer credits required to complete an undergraduate degree and a lower total cost as compared to earning both degrees outside of a 4+1 program.

Irina Khindanova, a teaching associate professor in Daniels’ Reiman School of Finance, says 4+1s are a great way to combine two different areas of study and build a diverse skill set, which can give a boost to your career prospects.

“Having an undergraduate degree in one discipline and obtaining a graduate degree in another will greatly enhance your expertise and benefit your career,” she said. “For example, after getting an MS in finance, you can become a financial analyst for your undergraduate major industry. You will know the industry and financial analysis methods, [which] will distinguish you and help in a career.”

In fact, that’s something Khindanova knows about firsthand.

“My undergraduate major was in applied mathematics. A quantitative background enormously helped me when I pursued a PhD in economics. So much mathematics is used in economics and finance,” she said. “I wish I realized that while I was in college.”


The Master’s Accelerated Admissions Process is just that, a process to quicker admissions to a master’s program at the Daniels College of Business. The process is open to undergraduate seniors or those who have graduated within the past year from any four-year accredited university.

MAAP recognizes outstanding academic performance and is available to seniors and recent graduates who hold a 3.0 GPA or higher from any accredited institution in the United States. Daniels waives the application fee and standardized test score requirements for students who apply through MAAP, and accepted students can begin their master’s program immediately.


In short, 4+1 programs are ideal for current DU sophomores or juniors looking to earn a master’s degree in the shortest amount of time possible. MAAP is great for any senior or recent graduate who wants to head right into a master’s program after graduation.

See a full breakdown of these two offerings, including eligible academic programs, below: