Julia Broberg found flexibility and support in her master’s of management program

Julia Broberg

Not that long ago, halfway through her degree program, Julia Broberg took an interest in management consulting. It was a new idea for the grad student from Stockholm, Sweden, who got her bachelor’s degree in business administration and finance.

She made a quick, smooth transition into a management consulting class, a perfect complement to her business analysis and corporate finance courses; her faculty at the Daniels College of Business introduced her to working professionals she could ask for advice; her instructors helped her learn Microsoft’s Power BI software; and Daniels career coaches helped her find platforms where she could read relevant case studies.

“[Daniels] supported all possible tools I can work with on my own time,” said Broberg, who will graduate with a master’s degree in management in June. “I’ve been amazed by all the effort they’ve put in. It’s really helped me to define a different career path and narrow it down.”

Broberg had studied in the United States before, but had her eye on a return trip, after her job at a private investment bank exposed her to the field of management. A ski trip with her friends, several of whom were University of Denver alumni, brought her to Colorado. She paired her visit with a campus tour.

“They showed me around and really took the time to include me,” Broberg said of the graduate admissions team. “[Through] all the application processes, I felt like the University of Denver wanted me there. DU did a great job of making me feel comfortable at all the steps in this process. They reached out weekly until I started this program and I had many great people to contact. They answered my questions quickly. I don’t think it was that stressful. Everything was very clear. I truly enjoyed being in contact with Daniels, before even starting.”

The fact that she could earn her master’s in just 10 months and quickly rejoin the workforce sealed the deal. Her application was accepted, and Broberg prepared to make the move to Denver.

Even though Broberg already had friends in the area, a team-building trip to the Nature Place helped her feel comfortable with her cohort of classmates. Being assigned a faculty mentor eased the transition too.

In the classroom, Broberg has enjoyed the real-life applications of the course material. Discussions and case studies have enhanced her understanding of the subject matter and offered valuable context. On a larger scale, she has cherished the flexibility of her degree path.

“Even though you have the core program, you can really focus on anything,” said Broberg, who ultimately settled on a corporate finance certificate to complement her MSM. “It’s very individualized and personalized.”

Broberg became a graduate student ambassador too, fielding questions and offering advice to prospective students who are considering enrolling in the program.

“I’m super excited about my mentors and the people I’ve met at DU,” she said. “I got such a great welcoming and I want to do that [for others] too. I love to connect with new people and the exchange that you find.”

For other international students who are considering a move to the United States for a master’s degree, Broberg says it’s important to be patient. Getting used to a new place takes time. Living near campus can help, as can joining some on-campus student organizations. Finding a routine off campus is important too, she says, and a good way to forge new social connections.

“Be adaptive,” she said. “It’s always a lot of cultural differences. That’s the great part about it, I think, but it can be a shock at the beginning. Things won’t be the same. It will be different ways of teaching, which is something I’ve appreciated in this case, but it can also be new and stressful. The same goes for people and cultures. Try to take a step back and learn and appreciate the differences instead of making them stress you too much.”

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