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Eivind Lorgen

Eivind Lorgen leads investment firm and global sustainability efforts

Since graduating from the University of Denver, Eivind Lorgen (BSBA 1985) has been busily making his way in the world of finance. For 19 years the native Norwegian has worked at Nordea, a leading financial services group in the Nordic region and one of Europe’s biggest banks. Based in New York City, Lorgen is CEO and president of Nordea Asset Management in North America.

As chair of the Investor Advisory Group and a founding member of the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) Investor Advisory Board, Lorgen has been a driving force in the international effort to quantify environmental, social and governance (ESG) investment factors. SASB has established 77 industry-specific disclosure standards that make it possible for investors to make comparisons between companies.

“We’re working with our European and Asian allies to create a global standard. Think about it in the same way we use financial accounting, but instead SASB accounting is within non-financial material matters,” Lorgen said. “We are a growing and diversified investor advisory group representing $50 trillion in assets from the U.S., Europe, Asia and Australia. It’s equal to half of all managed assets in the world.”

When Lorgen studied business and finance at DU, before the business school was named for cable television pioneer Bill Daniels, he played varsity soccer and was a member of Phi Kappa Sigma. His most influential course was a travel class led by faculty members Esther Tripp (marketing) and Nancy Sampson (management). Students spent a week in the U.K. and Denmark.

Mac Clouse, Eivind Lorgen and JP Tremblay

“We were in London and Copenhagen visiting companies that were living up to the standard of the book ‘In Search of Excellence.’ That was just an amazing experience,” recalled Lorgen.

In 2014, Lorgen spent a quarter at DU on sabbatical from Nordea, during which he began teaching as an adjunct professor and developing travel classes. He opened doors to Wall Street firms for Daniels students participating in the Walk Down Wall Street program and helped Professor of Finance Mac Clouse launch a similar learning trip to London and Brussels.

“He’s been instrumental in getting us into places that we wouldn’t have been able to get into. He has connections in private equity and investment firms in New York and London,” Clouse said.

In Brussels, he provided introductions to politicians and lobbyists.

Lorgen serves on the Reiman School of Finance Advisory Board, which helps the school stay on top of current industry needs and anticipate future trends. In 2016, he was awarded the Reiman Distinguished Alumni Award.

“He’s a role model who shows students how disciplines like finance and investing can evolve and how you can be part of something that’s bigger than your firm. His perspectives on investments and issues related to sustainability are cutting edge,” said Conrad Ciccotello, director of and professor at the Reiman School of Finance.

Part of Lorgen’s motivation is in giving back.

“I wouldn’t be the person I am, and I wouldn’t have the career I have if it hadn’t been for DU. It gave me confidence that I could build a career within finance and business. We need alumni helping students to develop, and if I can give something back to students in their career development then I’m happy to do so,” Lorgen said.

He also enjoys returning to campus to reconnect and play with his former DU soccer teammates.

“Eivind returned to campus last fall to celebrate soccer alumni weekend and has been generous with his support of the men’s soccer team by helping to underwrite meals throughout the season,” said Aimee Mandolini, executive director of development in Daniels College of Business.

Lorgen and his family reside in Manhattan and maintain a home in Denver.