Young Jin "YJ" Lee, PhD
Daniels 582
Assistant Professor
Department of Business Information and Analytics
Young Jin Lee

Biography at a Glance

Dr. Young Jin Lee is an assistant professor of the department of Business Information & Analytics, Daniels College of Business. His research interests span economic and marketing aspects of online social media, mobile IT markets, piracy and digital rights management, and adoption and diffusion of IT innovations. His work has appeared in academic journals and conference proceedings including Management Science, Journal of Management Information Systems, International Conference of Information Systems, Workshop on Information Systems and Economics, and Conference on Information Systems and Technology. Lee gained professional experience as an information strategist for Samsung Group. He is the recipient of numerous honors, awards and grants and is a reviewer for several academic journals, including Management Science, Information Systems Research and Journal of Management Information Systems.


  • PhD, Information Systems, University of Washington
  • MS, Information Systems Management, Carnegie Mellon University
  • BSBA, Information Systems, Ohio State University
  • BA, Business Administration, Chung-Ang University

Academic Positions Held

  • Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin

Research & Publications

  • Xie, K. and Y.J. Lee. 2015. Social Media and Brand Purchase: Quantifying the Effects of Earned and Owned Social Media in a Two-Stage Decision Making Model. Journal of Management Information Systems, 32(2) 204-238.
  • Lee, Y. J., Hosanagar, K., and Tan, Y. 2015. Do I Follow My Friends or the Crowd? Information Cascades in Online Movie Ratings. Management Science, 61(9) 2241-2258.
  • Lee, Y. J., and Tan, Y. 2014. Effects of Different Types of Free Trials and Ratings in Sampling of Consumer Software: An Empirical Study. Journal of Management Information Systems, 30(3) 213–246.
  • Geng, X., and Lee, Y.J. 2013. Competing with Piracy: A Multichannel Sequential Search Approach. Journal of Management Information Systems, 30(2) 159–184.
  • Lee, Y. J. 2012. Consumer Online Software Sampling: A Multilevel Analysis. Journal of Academy of Business and Economics, 12(5) 169-173.
  • Lee, Y. J., and Radosevich, D. J. 2012. Exploring Mobile App Market Strategies: Free App versus Paid App. International Journal of Strategic Management, 12(4) 97-102.