Steve Cooper
President, Energy IQ | Business Information & Analytics Advisory Board
Business Information & Analytics Advisory Board
Steve Cooper

Biography at a Glance

Dr. Cooper has spent the majority of his career working on the digital side of the oil and gas industry developing best practices for gathering, validating, and analyzing data to enhance business performance. Over that time, digital technology has evolved at an ever-increasing rate from being used for basic data capture and presentation purposes to where it is now being applied across all areas of the business through advanced analytics and artificial intelligence. His interest lies in the application of emerging technology to solve complex problems in a pragmatic way to deliver real business value and competitive advantage.

Dr. Cooper founded EnergyIQ to help oil and gas companies derive more value from the data that they acquire. Over the past 10 years, EnergyIQ has captured industry knowledge through the adoption of standards, best practices, and domain specific business rules to provide a sophisticated Well Lifecycle data management solution for upstream organizations. This software provides the platform for the digitalization strategy of numerous mid to large-sized independent oil and gas companies with operations around the world.

Prior to starting EnergyIQ, Dr. Cooper was CIO for IHS Energy from 2000 to 2005. His role included global data acquisition, management, and delivery platforms with operations distributed around the world.


Dr. Cooper has a PhD and BEng from Nottingham University and has been published extensively on a broad range of topics relating to oil and gas data management and analysis.