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Jack Strauss, PhD
Daniels 573
Professor; Miller Chair of Applied Economics
Reiman School of Finance, Endowed Chair, MBA@Denver
Jack Strauss

Biography at a Glance

Jack Strauss is the Miller Chair of Applied Economics at the Daniels School of Business. Strauss has a BA in Economics from Johns Hopkins University and a PhD from Duke University. He has been a Fulbright Scholar of Economics in Kiev Ukraine, and consulted for the Central Banks of Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Egypt, Nepal and Indonesia. His recent consulting project for instance for Bank Indonesia was in Bali and on “Forecasting Inflation & other Macroeconomic Variables in Indonesia: Handling Structural Change and Instability with Combination Forecast Methods.”

His specialty is forecasting and applied economic analysis, and he was Director of the Simon Center for Regional Forecasting at Saint Louis University for more than a decade, before arriving at DU in 2013. He has published in the top journals of forecasting, finance and international economics, and has highly cited papers in forecasting stock returns, housing prices and job growth. Dr. Strauss has the most read paper in the Review of Finance (a top 3 Finance Journal) on Stock returns, and has also published in the Journal of Finance, Journal of Portfolio Management, Journal of Forecasting, International Journal of Forecasting, Journal of Applied Econometrics, Econometric Reviews, Journal of Macroeconomics as well as a more than a dozen other academic journals.

Professor Strauss has taught economics internationally in Spain, Ukraine, China, and Indonesia, and he worked for the Economist for 4 years focusing on Ukraine. He has been cited more than 200 times by the media including NPR, Voice of America, local Fox news, NBC and CBS as well as the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg News, USA today, Newsweek, Yahoo Finance, and Dow Jones News. He also has extensive applied experience in Economic Impact Analysis including consulting on Alcohol Liberalization Laws in Colorado, Oklahoma, and Kansas, Marijuana, Minimum Wage, Immigration, St. Louis Water, Missouri Water, Financial Crisis impact on St. Louis Real Estate, Ameren and Boeing.


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