Gail Montgomery

Adjunct Faculty
Executive Education
Gail Montgomery

Gail Montgomery is an unapologetic optimist and idealist who believes in the power of putting people first. She is co-founder and CEO of ExperienceYes, a women-owned, NOT boring consulting business that teaches companies how to embrace and practice “The Improv Mindset.”

With a unique background in human resources, change management and training, Gail believes in “smashing” the box, loving the deep end and ensuring fun comes first. She has worked in corporate human resources as a recruiter for a Fortune 50 Global insurance company, as an executive director for a nonprofit arts organization and as a director for several SAAS tech startups developing change management and training and onboarding programs. Her data-supported and proven approach helps businesses get to solutions faster and leaders and teams to work more efficiently and effectively together, and positively strengthens culture. Unique and impactful, Gail’s human-centric strategies produce increased trust, belonging and productivity.

Gail is Mom to two adult children, wife to her partner in business and laughter Bruce, member of the AMCP (Association of Change Management Professionals), and co-author of two books: “The Improv Mindset” and the newly released “CHANGE! A Leaders Guide to Fixing Sh*t.”