Bright Ikwetie

Master of Accountancy
Graduate Student Ambassador
Bright Ikwetie



Why did you choose Daniels?

DU’s offering of a unique course combination of accounting, technology and analytics will give a university accounting graduate a competitive edge over other institutions. Due to the evolution of the accounting profession, technology and big data analysis are used for reporting historical patterns and predictive information for effective decision-making.

Moreover, Daniels is a hospitable place to be, because of the receptive nature of the whole community of faculty, students and staff. They care for others!

Previous Education

Accountancy undergrad, an associate member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN) and a certified lean project manager

Pre-Grad School Experience

I have working experience in various sectors that cover four multinationals, two conglomerates, an audit firm and not-for-profit firm.

Post Grad School Goal

To work with a global firm and subsequently be a financial and tech consultant, while aspiring to be a board member of reputable organizations


Watching movies and researching