Andrew Urbaczewski, PhD
Daniels 593
Associate Professor; Chair, Department of Business Information and Analytics
Business Information & Analytics Advisory Board, Department of Business Information and Analytics
Andrew Urbaczewski

Biography at a Glance

Dr. Andrew Urbaczewski, chair and associate professor of the department of Business Information & Analytics cames to Daniels in 2013 from the University of Michigan at Dearborn, where he spent 10 years on the faculty, including six as the chair of the department of Management Studies. He is editor-in-chief to the Journal of Information Technology Cases and Applied Research. Urbaczewski has written 21 articles published in refereed journals. His dissertation and early research examined electronic monitoring of internet usage by employers. His research has now expanded to mobile phone design and m-commerce as well as information security education and electronic health record implementation.

Research & Publications

  • Urbaczewski, A., and Beaver, P. “Learning and Education: A Paradigm Shift in the Age of Internet and Search Engines,” Journal of Information Technology Case and Application Research (17:3), December 2015, pp. 124-129

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