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I grew up watching and rating sunsets around the north shore of Massachusetts, and when I came out to Denver, one of the first things I fell in love with was watching the sun set behind the Rocky Mountains from campus. This list comprises my top five favorite locations to watch sunsets around the DU campus. Note: I don’t advise anyone attempt to get into a building they don’t have access to watch the sunset though! I based the list off of ease of access, viewing obstructions and the environment at the location.

Sunset from the top of the Community Commons

(5) The fifth best place to watch the sunset is on top of the new Community Commons. On top of the new Community Commons is a rooftop bar with a couple outdoor chairs that look out perfectly over the Rockies. This spot is brand new and one of my newest favorites. This is by the most trafficked location and for that reason, it is at number five.

(4) The number four spot on the list is above the soccer fields on top of the bleachers. Here you can find wide open, unobstructed views of the sunset. This spot is really nice because of the big fields in front of it that give so much space for the view of the mountains.

(3) The third best place to watch the sunset on campus is any high floor in Towers or Halls. These are classic spots that never disappoint. The height of the buildings makes it so there is nothing else as tall around, and the views are amazing. Definitely the higher up you can get in the building the better. The only reason this one isn’t higher is because it isn’t as easy to get into the building, and you must have a friend that lives in a room with a view.

Sunset from the top of an apartment building on University Avenue

(2) Number two on the list is located at a parking garage over by the Halls tower and the Light Rail. The top floor of the garage boasts amazing views of the Rockies. The slight drawback of this location is that the Towers Residence Hall can get a little in the way sometimes. Regardless, the wide-open space on the top floor gives this location my second spot on the list.

(1) My favorite place to watch the sunset on campus is at any of the apartment buildings along University Avenue. If you know anyone who lives in the tall buildings, the views from the top floors are unmatched. If you can get up high enough, you can get an amazing view of both the downtown skyline and the sunset over the mountains at the same time. This spot is really unbeatable in the areas around campus.