Eliza Copilevitz

Don’t let the expectations when coming to college in Colorado scare you. It’s not so bad!

The anticipation of college can be an ominous awakening. You might be away from home for the first time, nervous about college coursework or uncomfortable with the idea of dining hall food. Don’t fret, it’s not that bad. In fact, it’s everything you would hope it to be. College is a challenge, but you are not alone. Take a peek at what every soon-to-be DU student fears, and how current DU students have overcome.

Eliza Copilevitz poses for the camera sitting on a chairlift1.) Not everyone is a pro skier

Coming from the Midwest, this was my No. 1 fear. I skied a couple times prior to college but was still in the learning stage. The couple times that I had skied, I really enjoyed it, but I was fearful that nobody else would ski at my level.

Once winter quarter rolled in, I realized most of my friends were in the same boat. We took a trial run trip to the mountains and ended up being the perfect ski buddies. Although there are some expert skiers that come to DU, do not assume that that is who you must be to get on the mountain.

Eliza Copilevitz poses with two sorority sisters2.) Sorority and fraternity recruitment is not as intense as you think

You hear stories and watch movies with horror sorority scenes, where the sorority girls objectify and dehumanize the potential new members. Same goes for the fraternities. Luckily, this is not the reality at DU. For potential Greek life members, it doesn’t matter what you wear, what you look like or if you drink alcohol. Sororities and fraternities on campus want to get to know you for you, not the filtered version of yourself.

3.) Dorm life is not so bad

Growing up I always had my own room; I never had to share a space. My sisters were always old enough to not want to borrow my youth sized clothes and vice versa. I wasn’t sure how sharing a bedroom, kitchenette and bathroom with other people was going to go. Turns out, it’s not as bad as it seems.

Purple and orange clouds over a DU dorm buildingDU does an immaculate job of pairing roommates together and, even if it’s not the right match the first time, there is flexibility in moving rooms and roommates. As a junior who had her dorm experience cut short due to the pandemic, I can shamelessly say that I miss the dorm life.

Having friends across the hall, midnight shower parties in the communal bathroom and Sunday morning brunch trips to the dining hall are all missed. So, to those who still have time left in the dorms, do not take it for granted.

4.) Professors are people too!

The transition from having “teachers” to “professors” is a bit intimidating. In high school, I was taught to prepare for the wrath of professors. I was nervous that asking for extensions, needing to miss class for valid reasons and asking for clarification was forbidden. Turns out, that is false.

Professors are people too! They understand if you have a doctor’s appointment that can’t be rescheduled and are willing to help if you don’t understand the material. As long as you are being an attentive student, professors understand that life happens.

5.) You do not need to have a 4-year plan right away

As soon as you choose your college as a high school senior, the first question people ask is, “What do you want to study?” Like, I just made one big decision, now I have to make another one?! You don’t.

College is all about exploring your options and finding the right fit for you and the career you want to pursue. Our wonderful academic advisors are here to help with just that, and the career center on campus is another wonderful resource. Plus, the majority of your first year is spent taking general classes, so there’s no rush. Do not think you need to have your entire life planned out right away.

Eliza Copilevitz is a third-year student at the Daniels College of Business, pursuing a bachelor’s degree in international business and a master’s degree in business analytics. Copilevitz was part of the BUS3000 course where students are assigned to write a blog. Copilevitz’s was selected as one of the best in the undergraduate class.