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Enterprise Holdings, one of Daniels’ generous Corporate Partners, boasts nearly 10,000 fully-staffed neighborhood and airport locations worldwide. The organization and its affiliates offer extensive transportation services, including car rental, car sharing, truck rental, fleet management, retail car sales and more. We took a moment to catch up with Steve Topalian, vice president and general manager of Enterprise Holdings in Colorado, to learn more about the corporation’s vision and values, why it chooses to collaborate with Daniels, and advice for other organizations considering a partnership with the College.


Q: What are Enterprise Holdings’ vision and values as an organization?
A: When Jack Taylor founded Enterprise in 1957, he wanted to do the right thing—for his customers and his employees. However, Jack really didn’t talk about founding values when he started up the company—he and his team simply lived them. Over the years we’ve formalized our values into a set of guiding principles that every employee can understand and embrace. This simple, yet powerful, set of beliefs is what drives us—and how we hold ourselves accountable every day:

  • Our brands are the most valuable things we own.
  • Personal honesty and integrity are the foundation of our success.
  • Customer service is our way of life.
  • Our company is a fun and friendly place, where teamwork rules.
  • We work hard … and we reward hard work.
  • Great things happen when we listen … to our customers and to each other.
  • We strengthen our communities, one neighborhood at a time.
  • Our doors are open®.

Q: You engage with Daniels in so many ways—including sponsoring the DU/UC Berkeley team that recently competed in the Department of Energy’s Solar Decathlon, and serving as a Corporate Partner for the Denver MBA’s Corporate Challenge—what value do you find in these collaborations with the College?
A: Daniels College (and the University of Denver in general) does a great job of staying engaged in the community, and extends opportunities to us to sit at the table with fellow Denver decision makers to discuss and impact community issues. Additionally, collaborating with the University allows us to get in front of students and tell our story, including what makes our Management Training Program an excellent career opportunity for students after graduation.

Q: What do you think Daniels students gain from working with Enterprise Holdings?
A: Our managers often meet with students both in and out of the classroom to discuss real-life issues in business as well as provide mentorship. Those students who choose to participate in our Management Internship Program get hands-on experience running a business in one of our rental offices—and a leg up if they choose to pursue a career with Enterprise after graduation.

Q: What might you tell other corporations considering becoming Daniels Corporate Partners or engaging with Daniels in some capacity?
Daniels works very hard to give students a modern-day look at the business environment and how things operate in real life—not just from a textbook. They bring their Corporate Partners in to talk about real issues we’re facing in business. Best of all, partnering with Daniels provides access to a wonderful group of students—both while they’re in school as well as after graduation.

Q: What is the most interesting or enjoyable aspect of working with Daniels students?
Daniels students are very engaged and willing to learn. Working with students across the University provides us with an array of different perspectives. The University also has a very strong alumni network, which includes our very own Executive Chairman Andrew Taylor and his wife, Barbara.