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Kerry and Gail Plemmons in Peru

Highlighting the longstanding generosity of two Daniels faculty members and their families

For Kerry Plemmons and Scott Toney, Daniels’ vision— pioneering business for the public good—is more than just a phrase. It’s a way of being. A guiding mantra they both take to heart as faculty members at the College.

In addition to teaching, Plemmons and Toney (along with their wives Gail and Denice) are long-time donors of DU and Daniels, consistently contributing to funds that benefit the University, its students and the wider community.

“My inclination is to support the community—the DU community, the students—and to encourage others to donate at whatever level they’re comfortable,” said Gail Plemmons, who has mentored Daniels MBA students and led international trips for the Executive MBA program.

Gail and Kerry Plemmons, who live just steps from campus, often contribute to the George Simon Endowed Scholarship Fund, the Bruce Hutton Family Fund and DU Hockey.

“While I’m walking across campus in the fall and cheering for the DU hockey team, I always run into alumni, students and colleagues and it makes my heart happy, frankly. It’s a fun community.” said Kerry Plemmons, who has taught at Daniels for nearly two decades as a professor of the practice. “Primarily though, we support the George Simon Endowed Scholarship Fund. George led the Professional MBA program and became a good friend. We also support the Bruce Hutton Family Fund. Bruce was, and still is, a hero to me. In my mind, Bruce saved Daniels by connecting with Chancellor Emeritus Dan Ritchie, and he was the dean who shifted the College’s focus to ethics and the public good.”

Denice and Scott Toney

For Toney, a teaching associate professor in the Department of Business Information and Analytics, and his wife Denice, supporting Daniels stemmed from their own experiences as college students.

“When I went to college,” Toney said, “I had lots of family support and it made it relatively affordable and straightforward to go to school. But when my wife Denice went to college, she was completely on her own. She was the first person in her family who had gone to college. And I saw firsthand what it meant for her to get external support. And so, when I give to Daniels, most of the time it’s directed toward scholarships. And that’s something that my wife and I really are conscious about, trying to help that generation of students who can really benefit from [financial aid].”

Daniels’ vision also plays a significant part in Toney’s choice to contribute to the College. “The reality is we work for a nonprofit organization that has a vision we probably all believe in or else we wouldn’t be here,” he said. “This makes me feel confident about giving back in a way that’s impactful for students.”

Kerry Plemmons echoed these sentiments. “I love the University of Denver and I love the vision. ‘Pioneering business for the public good’—I try to keep that in mind every day,” he said. “Eight out of 10 days I walk to work and I feel like I should pay DU because I have so much fun here.”

To make a donation to the Daniels College of Business, you can give online to any area, department or fund at the University. Faculty and staff can also make a contribution through payroll deduction.