John Holcomb

John Holcomb

John Holcomb has been here since before the beginning of the Department of Business Ethics and Legal Studies (BELS), which he recently chaired. He arrived at the University of Denver 10 years before the department formed.

In September 1989, Holcomb was one year into teaching at Rutgers University when he left to join DU’s college of business—before it was the Daniels College of Business. It was the beginning of a 32-year academic career at DU.

John Holcomb

Photo courtesy John Holcomb

Holcomb, who’ll retire Dec. 31, 2021, said his favorite part of the job—and what he’ll miss most—is “the combination of teaching and research with the freedom to create and design new courses and working with a stellar group of colleagues.”

Paula A. Holt, teaching associate professor for BELS, said, “I think of John as one of the most passionate academics I have ever known. He will be significantly missed by our students and our department.”

Libbi Levine Segev, teaching associate professor for BELS, said Holcomb’s dedication has impressed her most. “John has been a dedicated professor, chair, colleague, mentor and advocate,” she said. “He’s been an active, engaged, passionate and loyal member of BELS, Daniels and DU.”

Holcomb, who only missed one day of class during his tenure, said he’ll continue his research and writing about corporate governance, business and public policy during his retirement. “I also look forward to reconnecting with friends throughout the country along with more international travel,” he said.

His parting advice for students? “Focus, work hard, keep your options open, exercise the best judgment possible in making your crucial life decisions, be independent in your thinking and avoid succumbing to groupthink.”