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  1.  What brought you to Denver, Daniels and DU? (Your expected graduation date year/program/degree)

danielspioneer-jensFrom a very early age I knew that I wanted to go to university in the U.S. The opportunities it entails stand out from most other places in the world. I knew that studying in the U.S. would give me a one-of-a-kind experience, combining education, culture, social life and a bunch of other amazing activities. However, I wasn’t exactly sure where I wanted to study, so I applied to five different schools. I knew that DU, in particular Daniels College of Business, had a great reputation. As such, being accepted would be phenomenal. Two of my best friends already went there and I had heard amazing things about the place. So, when I was accepted, being offered a scholarship, my choice was easy – I was going to Denver.

  1. How did the “legacy” factor influence your decision to attend DU/Daniels?

It was my father who first introduced me to DU. I had heard some stories from his undergrad years, as well as from my uncle who is also a DU alumni, but not a whole lot. It was when I started looking for schools they really began promoting DU, especially my father. He told me about the beautiful mountains, the possibilities for outdoor sports, the athletics at DU, the constant nice weather, and of course, the school itself – a high quality educational institute. He also showed me some pictures from the good old Denver years, from Frat parties, from the mountains, and from him and my uncle driving each their Mercedes SL convertible – it all looked appealing. With all his promotions, I was convinced to include Denver as one of the schools to apply to.

  1. How is your experience at Daniels different than your father’s and similar to your father’s experience? (Your father’s degree/year/program)

I don’t have many specific examples of how our experiences at Daniels differ. However, I am quite sure that Daniels put more emphasis on business ethics nowadays; offering ethics classes and having ethics boot camp as part of the common business curriculum. In general, though, my father believes the educational level is higher today than it was when he studied at Daniels.  According to him, receiving an A today is harder than it was in the mid-80s. Furthermore, all his classes were in Sturm, while all my business classes are in the Daniels building.

  1. Please describe one of your favorite experiences at Daniels so far?

Picking one will be hard, so I’ll say three. There are three professors I remember really well from Daniels. They have all, in each their equal way, given me my three best experiences at Daniels.

It started with the class Intro to Business, and Professor Steven Haag. I met him firsttime in the Newman Center, welcoming rookie business students to Daniels and his class. He stood there with his long hair, Hawaiian shirt and bare-feet, a style that he would bring with him over the quarter. In addition, though, he brought a charisma, a knowledge, and an engagement I had never seen in a professor before. I learned so much in his class and was given a fantastic first impression of Daniels.

Second professor was Bruce Klaw whom I had in Legal Studies. I was a little nervousfor this class, as I had heard the subject was tough, with difficult vocabulary and a lot of reading and writing. That was true, however, he made the class incredibly interesting. Professor Klaw, the Harvard Law genius, made me want to learn, and I did.

Third professor that I will always remember is Barbara Stuart. I’ve had two management classes with “Barb”. Barb is the nicest professor I’ve ever met, and her style of teaching was very alternative. Creating an incredibly safe and efficient learning environment in class, she inherently introduced us to a way of which group management should be done. Her management style is definitely something I will adapt.

I also believe the class “Asset Management in New York” would have to be one of my greatest experiences at Daniels.

  1. What are some of your long-term plans?

As of now, there are mainly two different paths I’m thinking of pursuing after graduating. The most relevant path is to get a job within the financial sector. Getting a trainee position within a large bank would be ideal – a position which would let me explore various aspects of the banking industry, and hopefully also let me work at various locations around the world. Eventually, if I pursue a financial career, I’ll push for positioning myself in a CEO/CFO position in a solid firm in Oslo.

The second path would be to go into the fishing industry. Fish is the second largest export in Norway, and the possibilities within the industry are endless. The market is dominated by a few, large players, and getting a job is not easy. However, having some experience within the industry already, I hope that there is a chance of getting a job. Preferably I would work in Norway, if not, maybe Western Africa where the fishing industry is really up and coming. Eventually, I hope that going into the fishing industry would take me to a leader position within the livestock sector.

If none of the two paths succeed, I’ll begin to study medicine.

  1. If you could talk to Norwegian student considering studying at DU, you would tell them:

Come for a visit! We’ll show you around and convince you that Colorado is the best place to study, with DU being the best school in the state if looking at education. Going to DU gives you the whole package – social life, activities and of course education. Studying at DU gives you many opportunities after graduation. The past two weeks several acknowledged companies have been at campus recruiting. From my standpoint as a business student, connecting with Deloitte, Goldman Sachs, PwC, KPMG and some other large players have been highly valuable, and I hope to get a full-time position within one of those firms. In fact, all of those firms reserve a certain number of positions to only a handful of schools, DU being one of them. Connections are increasingly crucial, and DU gives you that.

Moreover, at DU, we’re a great Norwegian community, and through ANSA we regularly arrange events that keep us together. Events include 17th of May, Påskeleker, Kickoff, Julebord and others. ANSA Colorado is known among other Norwegians in the US and Canada for having the most fun! Also, Denver offers 300 days of sun annually. I would lastly tell them that almost nowhere else in the world would you be able to go skiing in the morning and come back afternoon and play a round of golf.

danielspioneer-jens-2It was quite interesting and overwhelming to find out that Jens’ father, Christian also happens to be a DU alum! Here’s what he has to say about his experience and fond memories at DU.

  1. Why DU?

After completing high school with a major in Natural Science and Mathematics, I decided to take a one-year add-on program with focus on Finance and Accounting at the same high school in Oslo where my younger brother Per was completing his high school degree. This was a “perfect match” and reassured me in my choice to apply for a BSBA program with a major in Finance. My interest in sports, particularly soccer, but also in cross country skiing and outdoors activities in general, put Denver and DU on top of the list from that perspective. Additionally, as DU was already well known in Norway for its large alumni of successful Norwegian businessmen, many of them varsity skiers, DU was the perfect choice for me, and one year later also for my brother Per.

  1. Difference/similarity now and before?

DU in the early 80’s and DU today are two different worlds. My wife Trine and I visited Jens in October last year during home coming week, and we were both stunned by the beauty of the campus and the professionality we evidenced everywhere. One example is the great new Library, with TAs and math tutors available right there, quite a difference from the old facilities and services (Penrose if I remember correctly). On the other hand, the brunch at Jelly Café on Evans brought me right back to my student days, the same good old Pioneer feeling!

  1. Fond Memory at Daniels?

A few old memories and one new. The new first, a beer and a talk at last year’s homecoming with the then new Dean Dr. Brent Chrite and my teammate and good friend at the DU 1983 varsity soccer team, Norwegian guest Professor Eivind Lorgen. Sharing great memories a beautiful autumn afternoon outside the Daniels building – including moments with our legendary soccer coach John P. Byrden. He unfortunatelypassed away much too early several years ago, but all the little stories of his Irish temper and huge heart still bring back the good laugh!

The first old memory, my paper on “Growth Financing for Frank Shorter Sports Wear” to Professor Susan Kaye Autumn quarter 1983, which brought me up and down to Boulder several times a week. What a great experience, I still remember the support both from Professor Kaye and from the Assistant General Manager in the company, Joan Lowe, and of course the meeting with the legend himself – Frank Shorter! Part of my inspiration, I think, to pick up on marathon running and enroll at the UCLA Anderson School of Management MBA program in 1985, after the 1984 LA Olympic Games. The best professor I ever had was Dr. Louis D’Antonio at Daniels! His classes bring back great memories too!