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Jennifer Hsu

Hailing from Taos, New Mexico, Hsu arrived at DU excited to study computer science as an undergrad. Although she enjoyed the quantitative and mathematical aspects of the degree, she realized early on that she was better suited for a more fast-paced environment in her future career. Her dad’s experience with day trading got her curious about stock trading, but it was the Reiman School’s Walk Down Wall Street class trip that really solidified her career plans. She was fascinated by the intense and challenging work as described by DU’s alumni investment bankers.

Perhaps unusual for a student with such strong quantitative skills, Jennifer also enjoys public speaking. She was member of the debate and mock trial teams during her high school and undergraduate years, and participated in several iconic DU competitions while completing her MSAQF degree, including Race & Case and the Inclusive Excellence Case Competition

Hsu has worked hard to get where she is today, as a 21-year-old master’s degree student. While pursuing her degree in finance, she interned with the valuation team of EKS&H, which is now part of the accounting firm Plante Moran. She’s currently interning with the Denver-based asset management team of the investment banking firm, Perella Weinberg Partners, a position she identified through her DU alumni-networking efforts.

Hsu networked aggressively to obtain her dream job as an investment banker. She also employed the help of DU’s Career Services team and expressed gratitude for Jeff Woods’ iterative help with her resume.

Hsu watched the results of this determined effort come to fruition as she was awarded an interview on campus this fall with Goldman Sachs. That was followed by a video interview and an invitation to interview in person at Goldman’s Super Day. Her nerves were calmed during a pre-interview networking meeting with a DU alumnus and Goldman employee – who she had met earlier as a panelist on Reiman’s Wall Street trip. After completing three interviews, she was thrilled to receive an offer the following day.

From the beginning, Hsu recognized that finance is a traditionally male-dominated industry. She is thankful that her parents raised her to be a self-confident woman willing to fight for what she wants in life. Any discouragement and negativity Jennifer faced along the way motivated her to push twice as hard to break into the field – she encourages other women who may be hesitant to pursue it as well. Jennifer secured a position in investment banking through taking every opportunity to reach out and connect with alumni; she would love to pass that insight on. She is happy to speak with fellow students about her experiences and help them along their own journeys in any way possible.

We wish Hsu every success in her career ahead and look forward to staying connected with her as part of our alumni network!