Jane Morton

Jane Morton

After more than 30 years as an educator, Jane Morton retired from the School of Accountancy as a teaching associate professor in June.

Early in her career, Morton worked as an accounts payable clerk for a construction company in Tucson, Arizona. She then enrolled at the University of Arizona, where she earned her bachelor’s in accounting and finance and went straight into a doctoral program. Morton began teaching in 1988 and completed her PhD in 1993.

She held academic positions at the University of Illinois, Suffolk University and Merrimack College. After a few years back in practice as a controller for another construction company, Morton returned to teaching at Regis University before joining Daniels in 2011.

Morton’s area of expertise is financial accounting—a subject she’s taught at virtually every level, from undergraduate classes through executive MBA programs. Morton said one key to her success as a professor has always been her ability to adapt her delivery to each unique set of students.

“I’ve particularly prided myself on my ability to adjust my approach to maximize the learning for the particular group,” she said. “If I saw looks on my students’ faces like they didn’t understand, I would pivot and try to find a different way to explain the same thing until I saw the light bulb come on.”

Sharon Lassar, John J. Gilbert endowed professor and director of Daniels’ School of Accountancy, added that Morton is “one of the most positive, supportive and caring faculty members in accounting education.”

Morton will continue to make the well-being of others her priority in retirement as she spends time with her mother, for whom she is the primary caregiver.