In 2022, Entrepreneurship@DU launched its summer BASE Camp accelerator, which was open exclusively to current DU students. However, E@DU has now invited both students and alumni to apply for this six-week intensive program that has kickstarted several burgeoning startups, including GoodLove Foods, STOKED LA and many other award-winning ventures. We are proud to announce this summer’s BASE Camp cohort, composed of seven teams in the early stages of building their innovative companies.

Zach Bayler

RacePace Athletics is a sports technology startup bringing new training capabilities to the world of competitive swimming. Combining swimmer data and underwater LED strips, this revolutionary tech gamifies swimming while boosting athletes’ performance and energy. Bayler got the idea during his own swim practice, when he and his coach realized the act of chasing something in the water could boost his training. As Bayler’s first venture, he is excited to bring his engineering skills to the project while learning new entrepreneurial tools during the BASE Camp accelerator.

MK Barlow

CLUPZ is an inclusive apparel company creating bras with both back and front clips. This innovative design ensures women with asymmetrical breasts can have a bra that correctly fits each individual cup size. It was through relationships with women in her family that Barlow realized custom-fitting bras could have a huge impact on self-confidence. She brought the concept to Professor Neil Pollard’s “Intro to Entrepreneurship” course (EVM 1100), where she was inspired to pursue the venture wholeheartedly. CLUPZ is Barlow’s first startup.

Stella Corso

Leah Nieboer

The Ritter is a podcast for fresh, unfettered literary analysis, cultural crosstalk and respectful debate, co-hosted by writers Stella Corso and Leah Nieboer. Launched in March 2024, the show takes aim at the overall decline of public discourse and the increase in censorship, book-banning, and cancel-culture. Both Nieboer and Corso plan to integrate knowledge from BASE Camp’s mentors to expand the marketing and administrative operations of their podcast.

Joi Lin

Kristel Seibert

Classopoly is a classroom management app that brings financial literacy skills to middle school classrooms. This virtual classroom economy helps students learn essential fiscal concepts such as savings, budgeting, taxes and retirement. In a complex post-pandemic education landscape, this app teaches invaluable skills to students while also promoting positive classroom behavior. Seibert, Classopoly’s CEO, is a seventh grade social studies teacher in Littleton Public Schools. Lin, COO/CMO, recently completed her PhD in Curriculum and Instruction at the University of Denver. Classopoly won first place at DU’S Entrepreneurship Week Pitch Competition, and with its win, earned the invite to develop the company further as part of BASE Camp.

Zac Abero

Thaddeus Driscoll

Scientific Project Zone (SPZ) is a design to fabrication consultancy company changing the game for scientific research. Leveraging the tools of DU’s Innovation Labs, co-founders Driscoll and Abero work directly with research organizations to enhance their design and prototyping process. Driscoll and Abero have worked in the Innovation Labs for years, giving them extensive firsthand experience with 3D Printers, laser cutters and other high-tech equipment needed for early-stage prototypes and device fabrication.

Sam Fordyce

Bryson Timper

SizzlePig Sausage is revolutionizing at-home cooking with high quality meat and a diverse range of flavor-packed recipes. Disheartened by the limited and expensive options of their local chain grocers, co-founders Fordyce and Timper plan to introduce SizzlePig’s line of four easy-prep sausages to farmers’ markets and pop-ups. They will sell fresh-cooked sausage sandwiches, as well as refrigerated and frozen products that can be purchased at pop-ups or online. Fordyce brings firsthand experience from running Briskets for Betterment, a purpose-driven catering venture fighting against food insecurity. Timper brings his background in computer science and web design to the venture.

Jack Cambruzzi

The Control Block is a golf training aid designed for maximum simplicity and effectiveness. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Place the Control Block in between your feet
  2. Apply pressure inwards on the block
  3. Swing away! The Control Block prevents over rotation on the back swing.

Cambruzzi got the idea during a golf lesson when his coach gave him a 2×4 wooden block to help correct his back swing. Cambruzzi brainstormed how the block could be turned into a product. He brought his business idea to the “Intro to Entrepreneurship” course, where he learned about Summer BASE Camp. The Control Block is Cambruzzi’s second venture, following an auto detailing company he started with a friend in high school.