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You have taken all the required classes, applied for graduation, and conducted your job search. There’s just one more step on your way out of Daniels into the real world: fill out our Employment Survey. Read on to learn about the benefits of completing this survey!

  • Business school rankings include a component on employment rates of their graduates. If we are able to report higher employment rates and salaries, our ranking will increase and so will the value of your degree.
  • Employment data is a key factor in maintaining the accreditation standards for the Daniels College of Business. By completing the Employment Survey, you ensure that Daniels will be around for a long time to continue educating future Pioneers.

Note: All of your information is reported in aggregate. Your individual information will not be shared with any other department on campus for any purpose other than rankings and accreditation.

How do you take this survey?


  • Fill it out when you pick up your cap and gown for graduation

Toni Gabrielli is the Assistant Director of the Taylor Family Undergraduate Career Center at the Daniels College of Business.