A Well-Rounded Education

At the Daniels Fritz Knoebel School of Hospitality Management we place a high value on experiential learning in education. While we understand the importance of classroom-based and book learning, we also know and place a high value on the fact that some of the best education comes in the form of doing. For this reason, we strive to balance our students’ educational opportunities in hospitality and events management for the best in a well-rounded education.

Hotel service bellHospitality and Events Management Classes

When pursuing a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration (BSBA), you will enroll in core classes in both business management and hospitality management. You will also have the opportunity to select an area of focus, including:

  • Lodging/Resort Operations
  • Hospitality Sales & Marketing
  • Restaurant/F&B Management

Some of the classes offered while pursuing your BSBA degree include:

  • Micro and Macroeconomics 2
  • Foundations of Business Law
  • Introduction to Marketing
  • Financial Decision Making
  • Exploring Hospitality Management
  • Hotel and Resort Management
  • Managing the Restaurant Operation

Click here to learn more about the classes offered as part of the BSBA hospitality management degree program.

Chef hat vector icon - isolatedGlobal Learning Opportunities

In addition to the solid foundation gleaned from business and hospitality classes, you can take part in global learning. We understand that hospitality is a global industry that transcends borders and cultural boundaries. For this reason, you have the opportunity to study abroad for at least one quarter and demonstrate proficiency in a second language upon graduation. Knoebel is the only school to require this level of international experience, which is also one of the reasons we are rated as one of the top schools in hospitality management.

Businessman touch button interface web map iconHands-On Learning

If you have ever visited the Beans Café on our campus, you have not only had a delicious cup of joe, but you have witnessed what student-run experiential learning is all about. Beans is a small student-run coffee shop in the Joy Burns Center. Since October of 2008, it has been serving the needs of hospitality management students and campus visitors alike by providing a place for connections, laughter and discovery. Students are responsible for the day-to-day operations, marketing, management of hourly employees, and the monitoring and presentation of the weekly profit-and-loss statements.

Beans Café is not the only a venue for hands-on learning at Knoebel. We also offer other event management opportunities, including:

  • Du Vin Festival: A yearly, two day event with wine, food, music and art, Du Vin is planned entirely by students in the Knoebel Hospitality Management program. The proceeds go towards program scholarships.
  • Public Good Gala: In its second year, the Public Good Gala is an evening complete with hors d’oeuvres, a four-course menu, wine pairing and a silent auction. Food and wine are prepared and served by Knoebel and CFaSST students under the guidance of a guest chef. Proceeds go toward the African Community Center and scholarships for Knoebel School students.
  • Business conferences, weddings, or other events: Students in the hospitality management program have the opportunity to plan, coordinate and execute events within the Knoebel standards and practices. The general public can contract for any type of event from weddings to business conferences.

Each of these hands-on experiences is an opportunity to hone your skills and build confidence. In fact, when you graduate, you will have over 1,000 hours of practical education to boost your resume and enhance your experience.

Long Table with food and drinkFaculty and Staff

While we place a high value on relevant classes and hands-on learning, we also understand the importance of having high-caliber faculty and staff. Our faculty members are first and foremost teachers, despite being well-connected and experienced in the hospitality industry. They bring professional and relevant knowledge to the classroom to benefit our students. They are leaders in their disciplines, media experts and sought-after consultants–all of which pay off in great dividends in the classroom experience. From our Teaching Chef and Associate Professors to our Project Coordinator and Conference Services Manager, Knoebel instructors have your learning, best interests and future in mind.