As seniors in your last year of your undergraduate program, you may still be deciding what to do next. Specifically, whether to enter the job market directly or enroll in a graduate business program. I was in the same boat around a year ago, researching various graduate programs that were competitive and rigorous.

And, just like many of you, I was struggling to find enough time to study for the GMAT exam that is often required by many graduate business programs across the country. I was trying my best to achieve a work-life balance: maintain my grades, fulfill my part-time work responsibilities and enjoy the final stretch of my undergraduate experience.

I was overwhelmed by the thought of even applying to graduate school until I learned about a unique application process offered at the Daniels College of Business. The Master’s Accelerated Admissions Process (MAAP) is an exclusive opportunity for college seniors and recent graduates from regionally accredited U.S. institutions who have maintained a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher. Essentially, the MAAP is a condensed application, whereby the GMAT and recommendation letters are waived entirely.

The relief of not having to take the GMAT simply because I worked hard during my undergraduate career was HUGE! With this perk in mind, I put a lot of thought into whether or not to pursue a graduate business degree. I remember thinking, “I’ve literally just spent four years in school. Now shouldn’t I get a job to gain some real-life experiences?” But I also knew I could acquire new skills and be better prepared to enter the business world with a grad degree. Ultimately, I decided to apply to Daniels’ Master’s in Marketing program, particularly because I wanted to become an expert in digital marketing. The MAAP consolidated application process was extremely simple, and once the necessary documents were submitted, I could relax and focus on finishing my senior year.

I graduated from the MS Marketing program in June 2018, and can confidently say that it was a rigorous and rewarding experience. I was able to interact with real business clients in my classes, and learn new insights from many guest speakers from different various business sectors. I also got to know many of my classmates from diverse backgrounds, cultures and nationalities, and I learned a lot from them too. I’m grateful that I took advantage of the MAAP opportunity, and I encourage other graduating seniors to do the same.

Learn more about the Masters Accelerated Admissions Process (MAAP) here or contact our graduate admissions team today at 303.871.3416.

Update: As of fall 2021 the Daniels College of Business is a GMAT/GRE-optional institution, meaning each candidate must determine whether one of these exams will support their candidacy and merit. Scores from these standardized tests should be submitted with your application if you feel that they will strengthen your application.