For Grant Pollack, checking his Daniels Careers account paid off. There he found job postings—which ultimately led him to his job with Key Bank. Grant also received crucial assistance from Daniels Career Services through his personal meetings with his career counselor, Patty Hickman. Patty was very helpful in performing a mock interview with questions catered to the specific job he ended up accepting. Grant’s career coached assisted him in forming answers to possible interview questions, which helped give Grant the confidence he needed to perform well in the actual interview.

“My advice to other students is to start the process as early as possible! Looking back, I would have started prospecting target companies during the summer going into my senior year. The last piece of advice I suggest to students actively searching for jobs is to be assertive and call companies instead of waiting for email responses. My executive mentor told me, ‘People talk to and hire people, not emails.’ Speaking with a company over the phone can distinguish you from other applicants and give you access to helpful information.”