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How international student Romona Hanson has excelled in the Master’s of Marketing program

For Romona Hanson, the University of Denver presented a unique opportunity to continue her academic career in a climate slightly different than the one she’s used to in her native Jamaica.

“It’s very cold,” Hanson said with a laugh when asked what she thought about Denver.

And while the weather has taken some getting used to, Hanson has hit the ground running after starting in the Master’s of Marketing program at the Daniels College of Business in September.

Hanson, originally from Kingston, Jamaica, was already attending another master’s program at DU when she saw courses at Daniels that offered her a chance to grow her marketing skills. She had taken advantage of the free Adobe Creative Cloud access given to University students and wanted to further that expertise with a second degree program.

“Looking through the coursework plans and description, even if I don’t use these things in my job after I graduate, these are some things I am interested in and want to know how to do,” she said. After sitting in on some classes and meeting with the faculty, she was sold and began at Daniels in the fall.

Before moving to Colorado in 2021, she had never lived in the U.S. She received her undergraduate education from the University of the West Indies, where she studied psychology and management.

Hanson’s experience at DU has been a positive one, thanks in large part to the support of her Daniels faculty.

“It’s been smooth sailing,” she said. “Teachers have been really helpful and are always able to answer questions you have.”

That gratitude extends to the Daniels Career Services team, which Hanson said has been instrumental in making sure she’s on track for internship opportunities as an international student. Hanson said it’s not always natural for staff members across campus to know the specific needs of international students. That wasn’t the case at Daniels.

“A lot of people aren’t aware of the needs of international students when it comes to doing internships and things like that,” she said. “Speaking to the Career Center at Daniels, how informed they were and knowledgeable they were about processes for internationals students was really helpful for me.”

When she’s not at the mall (Hanson admits that she would shop everyday if she could) she encouraged students to take advantage of as many on-campus opportunities as possible. While they may not be as evident as they are to undergrads, Hanson said, there are so many chances to socialize or set yourself up for future employment.

“Be involved as much as you can, even though our schedules are busy,” she said. “There are a lot of things to do at the school, you just have to look for it.”

After she graduates in June, Hanson is looking forward to putting her education to use at a company that will take advantage of her friendly and collaborative nature.

“I am a very outward and social person; I love talking to and meeting people,” she said. “I want to work for a company where I can be that person, help with things, share my ideas and grow.”