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Skill Development and Advancement

You don’t need to spend four to six years of your life as a full-time student to advance your career and learn critical leadership skills that are highly valued in today’s business world. At the University of Denver, we provide a number of leadership and career development opportunities for students and professionals alike. Our High Performance Leadership Program, or “Mini MBA,” is designed to help working professionals or advanced students take their careers to the next level and reach new goals along the way.

There are five skills you can expect to learn throughout the program, each of which can be directly applied to your career.

Roles of Leadership

Skill 1: Organizational Goals through Leadership

One of the most important things you can do in any leadership position is to make sure your employees stay organized and meet the company’s goals. It can be difficult to understand your employees as individuals. Understanding them enough to motivate and inspire them can seem daunting and impossible. Through the Mini MBA program, you will learn specific techniques that are designed to help you better understand your employees and use that greater understanding to motivate and support them every day.

Market Analysis

Skill 2: Analyzing Your Market

Whether you own a local pizza restaurant or you are part of an executive board overseeing an international company, it’s important to understand your market. If you have spent months or even years working in the same field (or you are new to your position and market), it can be hard to fully grasp the ins and outs of your market. Our Mini MBA program will teach you techniques for identifying your market, analyzing the current trends, and applying that knowledge to new products or practices.

Business people having board meeting

Skill 3: New Leadership Training

It doesn’t matter if you have spent 20 years working your way up a company’s corporate ladder or you have recently been promoted to your first management position, leading a team is challenging for anyone. In order to prepare you for your role as a leader, the Mini MBA program will include training and hands-on experience guided by leading professionals in the business world. The skills you learn will help you take on new and more advanced challenges in your field of expertise and allow you to excel as a leader and manager. You will also have the chance to hear from former students and other leaders who have finished the program and have seen firsthand how the skills they learned transformed their lives.

Future Direction - 3D

Skill 4: New Perspectives and Ideas

If you have spent more than a few months in your current position, it is very likely you can’t see your position beyond the daily tasks at hand. By working with a group of other professionals from industries across the nation, you will be able to gain new ideas and perspectives that would have been impossible outside of the structured classroom setting. The projects you undertake with your peers will help open your eyes to new markets, strategies, perspectives, and applications you never thought possible.

rear view of the people sitting in the class

Skill 5: Awareness

It can be difficult to see who you are without a bit of outside help. Being able to identify your strengths and weaknesses is absolutely vital if you want to grow professionally and as a leader. The High Performance Leadership Program will help you more easily identify which traits and abilities make you unique and which ones can be improved to make you a more complete leader. The instructive setting will help you more easily recognize the strengths and talents of your employees and coworkers too.

What Does It Take?

If you are ready to advance your career and learn the skills that will make you a better employee, leader, or business owner, there is no better time to begin than today. The High Performance Leadership Program is designed for professionals with more than seven years of experience in professional roles, including at least two years in a management position.

The eight week program is designed to accommodate busy professionals and working adults. You do not need to take the GMAT to enroll in the course. The course itself will take place every Thursday (after the initial three-week block), making it easy for anyone to attend. You do not need to have an undergraduate degree to enroll in the class, though you must if you wish to receive the eight credit-hours available.

In order to enroll in the program, you will need a letter of recommendation from an immediate supervisor. This can be waived if it is not applicable where you work in your specific employment situation. Lastly, keep in mind that tuition rates are the same as any other University of Denver classes (though a reduced price is available for DU Alumni).