The annual Business Etiquette Dinner, sponsored by the Alpha Kappa Psi professional fraternity and Northwestern Mutual – Denver Tech Center, was a successful overview of dining etiquette and basic business socialization principles.

Brent Thompson, Associate Director of Employment Relations for Daniels Career Services, and Annabel Kyler, Executive Director of Recruitment for Northwestern Mutual in the Denver Tech Center, concisely reviewed the basics that young professionals should know to increase their social competency.

An essential element of one’s professional skills and networking capability is one’s competency around a meal. “More business is conducted over a meal than at any other time – yet there are no MBA courses on the topic” – Peter Drucker. This event helps prepare students for a demanding professional world and fills knowledge gaps found throughout many curriculums.

Not only is the table an excellent place to impress potential employers and connections, but also personal relationships of all kinds. Becoming an expert in how to maneuver various utensils isn’t necessary. Being aware of habits and avoiding common pet peeves such as chewing with an open mouth and keeping elbows off the table will provide an advantage. Videos from Daniels professors discussing dining etiquette had an impactful presence.

The Knoebel School of Hospitality Management hosted and catered the event, set in the always enchanting Tuscan Ballroom of Joy Burns. A three-course meal provided for a comprehensive overview of the dining experience and its guidelines. Caesar salads featuring large romaine leaves added to a dynamic starter. Thompson and Kyler made a point to interact with students and answer questions as the dishes were presented. The table setting was diagnosed, and helpful tips were used to help students remember the intricate setup.

Knoebel did a fantastic job of preparing and serving the courses, and Thompson and Kyler made for an exciting and memorable presentation. For most first-time students, much was learned. Repeat-attendees received a fantastic review. As Kyler noted, it’s always beneficial to stay up on etiquette training and be reminded of any unpleasant habits that may have developed.  Developing one’s etiquette skills is one of the best ways to shine out in the crowd.