student in the classroom with tabletEducation is the key that unlocks doors to new opportunities and growth. One of the newest certificate programs from the Daniels College of Business is no exception: It’s tailored to busy professionals seeking to disrupt the industry with their innovative ideas.

The fully online graduate certificates in digital transformation are an opportunity for individuals looking to stay ahead of the fast-paced and constantly evolving business world. They examine everyday technologies and makes them more accessible, no matter the industry.

The need for professionals with the skills to navigate an ever-changing digital landscape is on the rise. According to the Salesforce Global Digital Skills Index, 76% of the workforce does not have the skills needed to compete in the digital future. The graduate certificate program is designed to bridge this gap and equip professionals with the knowledge and skills to lead their organizations through digital transformation.

The curriculum is designed for both non-technical and technical students to explore new technologies from a business leadership perspective, making it the perfect program for individuals fresh out of school or those who have been working for many years. Industry newcomers and seasoned professionals alike will gain the skills and knowledge needed to navigate the rapidly changing business landscape. The program’s technical courses will not cover any coding, programming or electrical engineering. Instead, students will learn how to ideate, integrate and innovate, using technology to create new value for their organizations.

The program also offers a specialized class focused on entrepreneurship. The Intrapreneurship and Leading Change class is designed to help students understand the principles of intrapreneurship and how to lead change within their organizations. Professors of entrepreneurship draw upon the latest business trends, bringing applicable lessons to the classroom. Through three modules, the course aims to provide students with an understanding of digital innovation, while developing an entrepreneurial approach to managing external and internal change.

Students in the Daniels College of Business’ entrepreneurship programs are already familiar with 1-day, 1-credit Sprint courses. The graduate certificates in digital transformtion use the Sprints model to immerse students in a single topic.

Completing this certificate will do more than provide a roadmap for transforming an organization in today’s digital environment—it will help students develop fluency in the emerging technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and empower them to leverage these skills to lead stakeholders through the digital transformation process. All of that information comes through hands-on, real-world projects that can be applied immediately.

Those that participate in the program come from a variety of business backgrounds, with bachelor’s degrees in a variety of subjects. Leading change through digital transformation isn’t unique to one industry or type of business; it’s necessary for all organizations to be competitive in the future.

Many entrepreneurs are well aware of the idea, “disrupt or be disrupted.” In today’s business environment, there are more opportunities than ever to disrupt industries with new ideas, innovation and entrepreneurial perspective. According to Forbes, “87% of companies believe their industry will be digitally disrupted, but only 43% are prepared for it.” Be the change you want to see in the industry.