Jeremy Moser (BA 2016) makes list in the marketing and advertising category

Since graduating from the Daniels College of Business in 2016, Jeremy Moser has been busy building.

He’s built a successful company, a strong personal brand and a trophy chest of industry honors.

The marketing alumnus has grown his search engine marketing firm, uSERP, to nearly 40 employees, generating about $3.3 million in revenue in 2022 and projecting impressive growth in the year ahead. Now, Moser has garnered national recognition as a member of Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list, in the marketing and advertising category.

But Moser wasn’t always certain where his path would take him, even while at Daniels.

“I was one of those students that bounced around from different things early on and wasn’t too sure what my focus areas would be,” he said. Moser added that the University is supportive of students like him, allowing them to try various areas of study until they find one that fits them best.

He eventually landed on what became his passion, pursuing studies in marketing, sociology and criminology. His first two jobs built on that marketing focus; Moser worked for firms that provided marketing support to companies of all sizes, in the U.S. and abroad.

He felt acutely prepared for those roles, thanks primarily to his coursework at Daniels and the support from faculty and staff.

“A lot of the classes I took around marketing were super informative and up to date with a lot of the work I ended up doing post-graduation,” he said. “The information was super relevant and fostered my love for marketing as a whole.”

After a half decade of this work, Moser felt ready to strike out on his own and co-founded uSERP. The company provides SEO support for venture-backed software companies, including Fivetran, Freshworks, ActiveCampaign and

Despite his early career success, Moser, who has 91,000 Twitter followers, admits even he was caught off guard by how quickly he became a founder and CEO.

“I never imagined starting a company that employs a good deal of people and has some success in the space,” he said. uSERP is preparing to grow its staff to nearly 60 by the end of the year.

Reflecting on his 30 Under 30 honor, Moser harkened back to the uncertainty of his early collegiate days. He encouraged current students to take it slow in determining their path and advised them to find mentors whose footsteps they aspire to follow.

“Don’t rush into anything specific,” he said. “Get your feet wet in a few areas to see what you like. It’s a good time to explore and test the waters on different things that may interest you. Finding something you can be passionate about is going to set you up for a good trajectory long-term.”