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pioneerblog-craigarseneauCraig Arseneau graduated from the University of Denver in 1986 with his BSBA in Business and Hotel Management. After graduating, he worked with the Stouffer Hotel and Resort group for two years, then accepted a marketing position in Washington DC for the non-profit Coffee Development Group. As Arseneau gained expertise and experience in the coffee market, he and his partner Chris Chantler decided to create their own company—The Daily Grind Coffee Company in Vail, Colorado.

This business venture grew quickly, and after opening six stores in four years, the partners realized the need for a premium coffee roaster—a need they decided to fulfill. Thus, Vail Mountain Coffee Roasters was born, and its immediate success led them to sell the Daily Grind locations to focus completely on building their premium coffee roasting company. As of 2002, the company had evolved into Vail Mountain Coffee & Tea. Arseneau, as co-founder, serves as President of the company.

Mr. Arseneau’s company is a fantastic example of the Daniels spirit manifested. Not only has he followed his passion to stunning success, but also runs his business in an outstandingly ethical manner. His experience in the coffee trade allows him to create mutually beneficial relationships between the coffee producers and the company, even sponsoring community-building initiatives in the regions from which the company’s coffee is imported. The Vail Mountain Coffee & Tea Company practices sustainable buying, uses alternative energy sources (with the goal of 100% wind power by this year), and offers bike to work incentives, among other socially conscious business practices.

Daniels College of Business thanks you, Craig Arseneau, for being an outstanding and inspirational alum.