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Gisella Bassani

The Fall 2017 Infographic Competition is officially underway and we need your vote!

The competition, which is sponsored by Daniels’ Office of Entrepreneurship, was established to challenge Daniels undergraduate students in the business information and analytics introductory course, Analytics I: Data Management and Analysis (INFO 1010), to practice data analysis and present the results via infographics.

“This competition is the culmination of work done by all INFO 1010 students this quarter,” said Gisella Bassani, teaching assistant professor of business information and analytics. “The students in this class have already voted on the top infographics but we would like other members of the Daniels community to cast their votes as well.”

A final tally of all votes will be collected on Monday, Nov. 13, so don’t dawdle—cast a vote for your favorite infographic today.