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Lynnea Louison

Born and raised in the suburbs of Philadelphia, Lynnea Louison attended Pennsylvania State University and graduated with a BA in Psychology and a minor in Spanish. In 1994, Louison moved to Denver with her family for a job relocation. She ultimately chose the Daniels College of Business for her graduate studies because of the Emerging Leaders MBA program (now PMBA), and earned her degree in 2001.

“I loved the cohort aspect of the program, the evening schedule and the time frame of the program,” says Louison. “It was a lifestyle decision that happened to really work with my career at the time.”

Currently the Operations Manager for the Boettcher Foundation, Louison is responsible for Human Resources, Facilities, I.T. and Events. She credits her Daniels education for helping her obtain the position.

Although her background prior to her MBA was in Human Resources, she had not honed finance skills—including understanding Profit and Loss Statements and cash flow—before attending Daniels. Louison explains that her time at the College was vital to her professional success.

“My time at Daniels prepared me for my first entrepreneurial experience which was when I bought and ran a franchise right out of school,” Louison says. “I would not have been successful without the education. Because of the education and that experience, I was able to expand my scope of responsibility into an operational role instead of just the focus on Human Resources, allowing me the ability to be more versatile in my career.”

A Daniels Alumni Board member for three years, Louison says she enjoys “the connection to the students, the administration and other alumni.” As a member of the board, Louison has been active on the Events Committee which engages alumni in various social and professional development events to build relationships amongst the alumni base, and also facilitates connections with current students.

Because of her background in Human Resources and experience as an entrepreneur, Louison is also frequently asked to speak to and mentor students. She has participated in on-campus panels to discuss her own career and to offer advice to students about topics, including networking, entrepreneurship, interviewing and student engagement. Additionally, for five years she was involved in Executive Mentoring for Daniels MBA students.

DU became a family affair when Louison’s son Miles attended the Pioneer Athletic Super Summer (P.A.S.S.) Camp for three summers which brought her back to campus as an alumna.

“We went to a few basketball, hockey, soccer and volleyball games, and through that experience I realized that I missed having a connection to my alma mater, so I decided to get involved,” she explains. “What was a pleasant discovery was how easy it is to get involved at this school, because of the size. I get so much energy from talking with students, meeting professors and attending alumni events such as Voices of Experience and the Pioneer Symposium.”

Louison is glad that the P.A.S.S. Camp brought both her and Miles to the DU campus, and credits the camp for exposing Miles to a variety of sports, including ice skating, in addition to providing a sense of belonging.

She adds, “I also love the fact that he was on a college campus at an early age in order to get a sense for what the college environment looks and feels like.”

Due to her family’s positive experiences at DU, Louison continues to give back and continues to establish highly-valued relationships.

“The best part of my experience is the friendships I’ve formed,” she says. “Just recently I had coffee with a classmate I hadn’t seen in over 12 years to catch up with him and hear about his family. I have several lifelong friendships that I attribute to my experience at Daniels.”

She concludes, “DU will always be a part of my life. Between the friendships and connections I have made and continue to have, and by participating with Voices of Experience and other similar types of programming, part of my life purpose is always striving for growth and giving back, and DU allows me the chance to fully engage in both.”