Aaron Alpert Takes Career to the Next Level with Daniels Executive MBA

press-alpert-aaronFourteen years into his career in sales and business development, Aaron Alpert decided the time was right to strengthen his knowledge of several key business disciplines he was less experienced in—with an MBA. “Daniels offers a unique program, and I liked what I saw in terms ongoing alumni interaction,” says Alpert, who earned his Bachelor of Science Business Administration in entrepreneurship from the University of Southern California in 1996. “I felt that an MBA would help me determine the right next steps in my career so that I could be more fulfilled in the long run.”

Alpert says that the relevant, rich curriculum, cohort dynamic, travel opportunities and experienced faculty made his Daniels experience “the most memorable and engaging learning environment I’ve been a part of.” He even built the skills he needed to feel confident in pursuing a new opportunity when he graduated in 2011. “The classroom discussions really led me to decide that I wanted to work in the cloud-based software industry, and I narrowed down some of the industry leaders that I wanted to target in my job search,” says Alpert, who worked in sales for a human resource consulting firm through his MBA program.

That diligent research led Alpert to NetSuite, a fast-growing, leading vendor of cloud computing business management software suites. During his interview, his knowledge of financial statements impressed his future employer—and he was hired as a corporate account manager of e-commerce and retail clients. Today, Alpert works primarily with c-level executives, CFOs and controllers to identify software solutions to meet their needs. “I know that earning the MBA played a big part in my ability to get this job, and I’ve learned since just how much I gained from the Daniels program,” he says.

Three years into his job at NetSuite, Alpert says he is very fulfilled. He also makes time to give back—a personal philosophy that was reinforced by Daniels. He serves on the board of the Colorado Orthodontic Foundation, a nonprofit that partners with doctors to provide orthodontic treatment for low-income families. At Daniels, Alpert and several other students worked with the organization for their social capital project. “I’ve had multiple great career opportunities at NetSuite and I feel very happy there,” he says. “For me, earning that degree is the milestone in my career of which I am most proud.”