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cob-passport-protector1After Patrick Dichter graduated from the Daniels College of Business in 2010, with his MBA after completing the 4+1 program, he ventured out on several worldly trips around the globe to explore his adventurous side. While traveling with his girlfriend in Italy, he was stopped from boarding his plane to his next destination due to the wear and tear of his passport. Lucky for him, the nightmare, frustration, thousands of dollars lost, only paid off in the end. After getting some experience in the online marketing sector, Patrick ventured out creating a startup company called The Passport Protector LLC. Through this company, Patrick invented a product called The Passport Protector, a waterproof, slim, and modern designed case that protects a passport from any damage that one could possibly endure while traveling.

In particular, Patrick stated that from his experience within Daniels, one speaker stood out with him. “One experience in particular stuck with me from our ‘Voices of Experience’ (VOE) series when John Mackey, CEO of Whole Foods came to Daniels. He gave a great talk to thousands of us and I asked a question during Q&A. His basic challenge to me was to create a business by solving problems. He gave a quote from Michelangelo, ‘Criticize by creating.’ I could argue with the airline for the rest of my life or start a business that offers a solution.” It was this phrase that sparked the idea for The Passport Protector, he said.

Daniels VOE was not the only aspect that helped him create this unique product. He reached out to his alumni network of his peers and classmates to get feedback in terms of thinking about the startup. “I have friends who are doing the deal themselves with new startups, innovative brands or successful consumer products. I reached out and got great feedback in terms of thinking about branding, pricing, distribution, and major decisions that would be even harder on my own.”

DSC00516Patrick is truly showing characters of business that he learned through the Daniels education in this startup company, but overall in how he was able to determine an untapped market niche that combined his business skills acquired at Daniels and his love of travel.

Currently, The Passport Protector is under a campaign to officially get the product launched and off the ground. To find out more about the product and the campaign click here.

About Patrick: Patrick Dichter graduated in 2009, majoring in International Business with minors in French and Finance. Patrick went on to complete his MBA at DU in 2010 and has worked for an online marketing startup before launching his own business, ThePassport Protector LLC.