Tianjie Deng, PhD

Daniels 588
Associate Professor
Department of Business Information and Analytics
Tianje Deng

Biography at a Glance

Tianjie Deng is an associate professor in the Department of Business Information and Analytics at Daniels College of Business. Her primary research objective is to leverage digital trace data to benefit individuals and businesses, helping them create value. She achieves this by employing data-mining techniques on semi-structured and unstructured data, including texts, event sequences, and social networks generated by various online communities. Notable examples include homeless youth on social network platforms, software development teams on social coding platforms, and sellers on auction platforms.

Deng’s work focuses on identifying behavioral patterns and best practices that optimize outcomes for individuals, teams, and organizations. On an individual level, she conducts text-mining of Facebook conversations to identify homeless youth who may be at risk of substance use. At the team level, her research centers on identifying patterns in development routines for open-source software development teams to enhance team efficiency and overall project outcomes. In the context of platforms and reviews, she explores the business value and strategies of reviews and responses.

Her work has been published in esteemed academic journals and conference proceedings, including Information and Management, ACM Transactions on Management Information Systems, International Journal of Information Management, Information Technology & People, Journal of Economics and Business, Americas Conference on Information Systems, Hawaii International Conference on System Science, and International Conference on Global Perspectives on Design Science Research. She is the recipient of the GTA Teaching Excellence Award (2012 & 2015) at Georgia State University. Additionally, she has served as a reviewer for academic journals such as Information and Management, MIS Quarterly, Journal of Medical Internet Research, Electronic Commerce Research, and Information and Organization.

Tianjie’s prior professional experience includes working as a web developer at Myfifident Foundation and serving as a software engineer intern at Kingdee Corp, a Chinese software firm. Outside of her professional pursuits, Tianjie enjoys hiking, jogging, and building Legos.


  • PhD, Computer Information Systems, Georgia State University
  • MS, Human Computer Interaction, Georgia Institute of Technology
  • BS, Software Engineering, Nanjing University

Research Interest

  • User-generated Content
  • Healthcare Analytics
  • Online Communities
  • Electronic Word-of-Mouth
  • Open-source Software Development

Research Methods

  • Natural language processing
  • Text mining
  • Social network analysis
  • Econometric modeling


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  • Deng, T., T. Xu, and Y.J. Lee. 2022. Policy Responses to COVID-19 and Stock Market Reactions – An International Evidence, Journal of Economics and Business, 119, March–April 2022, 106043
  • Deng, T., Y.J. Lee, and K. Xie. 2021. Management Responses to Online Hotel Reviews: Text Mining to Lift Reputation and Revenue, Communications of the Association for Information Systems(CAIS), https://doi.org/10.17705/1CAIS.04937.
  • Lee, H. K., Deng, T., & Sarkar, S. 2021 Developing CRMSys at SoftTel: Traditional or Agile? Journal of Information Technology Case and Application Research, 22(4), 279-302.
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  • Deng, T. 2020. Investigating the Effects of Textual Reviews from Consumers and Critics on Movie Sales. Online Information Review, 44(6), 1245–1265.
  • Robinson, W. N., Deng, T., & Aria, A. 2020. Monitoring Behaviours with Model Divergence: Emailing Studies of Users with Cognitive Impairment. Health Systems, 9(1), 1–19.
  • Keil, M., Lee, H. K., & Deng, T. 2013. Understanding the Most Critical Skills for Managing IT Projects: A Delphi Study of IT Project Managers. Information and Management, 50(7), 398–414.
  • Robinson, W.N., Akhlaghi, A., Deng, T., & Syed, A. R. 2012. Discovery and Diagnosis of Behavioral Transitions in Patient Event Streams. ACM Transactions on Management Information Systems, 3(1), 1–28.

Academic Positions Held

Graduate Research Assistant and Instructor, Georgia State University


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