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The Marsico Investment Center serves as the home for our student-managed investment funds, which include the Marsico and Reiman Funds. A new mural was unveiled in the Center, highlighting key financial concepts used in portfolio management. The mural, designed by Peter Dunbar of Peter Dunbar Design, also marks the Marsico Investment Center as a place for studying financial markets and inspires students interested in learning about financial markets.

The mural portrays a bull and bear battling. The bull and bear have long served as symbols of the constant market battle between optimists and pessimists. Prices represent expectations about future performance. When the pessimists are winning, the bear uses his claws to bring down prices. When the optimists are winning, the bull uses his horns to throw up prices.

The mural is composed of terms that are frequently used in portfolio management. In our portfolio classes, we use fundamental analysis and sector allocation to make decisions on the assets in our portfolio. We select stocks with economic moats (sustainable competitive advantages). We also measure risk through beta and the Sharpe Ratio. The terms in bold are just some of the many finance terms in the mural.

The Marsico Fund and Reiman Fund classes provide our students with unique opportunities to apply their analytical skills in managing actual stock portfolios. The Marsico Fund is a student-managed investment fund with over $1 million under management, and the Reiman Fund is valued at $350,000. More than $100K has been distributed in the form of scholarships or to pay for the Marsico Investment Center’s operating costs.