Seasoned real estate professionals say they wish they’d had a college commercial real estatecurriculum so they’d have been better-equipped to handle the industry, university CRE-program faculty members tell We spoke with several college-level CRE educators about these programs and why they are so valuable for today’s young professionals. Stay tuned for a more in-depth feature on the evolution of university commercial real estate programs in the July/August issue of Real Estate Forum.

“Real estate has strategic partnerships with the industry,” Jeff Engelstad, CCIM, clinical professor, Burns School of Real Estate & Construction Management, Daniels College of Business, University of Denver, tells “Real estate is a wonderful discipline because of its connection to the real industry and its strategic partnerships with CCIM, NAIOP, the Appraisal Institute, etc., so during the course of their education, a student might not just get their degree in real estate, but they might also come out with an MAI or a LEED designation. One thing I know from having students interact with real estate professionals outside of the classroom is that professionals always remark how they wish they’d had a program like this in college so they’d have been better equipped to handle the industry.”