Team C told audience members that General Motors should bring the Cadillac XT5 to market as soon as possible as self-driving, autonomous vehicle.

Team B felt GM should explore new entertainment partnerships.

“Since drivers don’t have to focus on the road anymore, what will they use their time for? We believe they’ll seek out entertainment and Cadillac can re-establish themselves as a luxury brand,” said one of the Denver MBA students from Team B.

More than 45 students, broken down into 12 teams—A through L—competed in the 16th Annual Race and Case Competition Jan. 11. They were given the case Jan. 4 and had a week to come up with recommendations for GM’s approach to autonomous vehicles.

“This is a great way to practice consulting,” said Robert Kaniecki, first-year MBA student and Team B member. “Creating a solution in a quick turn-around, with classes too… it’s stressful.”

Allie Lazerwitz, a first-year MBA student also with Team B, felt like it was great experience to turn around a complicated case in a week. She says she participated because of the advice of the second-year MBA students.

“Cohort two had told us that [Race and Case] was a memorable experience for them and a great way to gain experience with a home crowd,” she said.

After Friday’s case portion of the competition, the teams met in Breckenridge for a race down a competitive ski course. After both scores were tallied, Team L won. The second-year MBA students were Aaron Eddy, Bryce Anderson-Gregson, Cody Bell and Jennifer Aragon.

Team L, winning team.

“The case topic was really interesting and has real-world implications for major car manufacturers,” said winning team member Aaron Eddy. “There was room to get creative with our recommendation and we all felt good about our delivery to the judges. We had a lot of fun during the ski/snowboard racing part of the competition too!”

Eddy and his team members will move on to the international competition, which will be held March 1-2.

Alumni Advisory Board member Sid Simonson volunteered to be one of the judges for Race and Case.

“I’ve heard about Race and Case. It has a prestigious reputation and I wanted to be a part of it,” he said.

Simonson (PMBA 2014, MS 2015) was impressed with the student presentations.

“Our future is in great hands.”