pioneerblog-swot1Within your first week or two at Daniels, you’re sure to hear the acronym “SWOT.”  But what do these mysterious letters mean?  From the context of the conversations I had heard, I assumed that it didn’t refer to Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. After tracking down a Graduate Business Student Association (GBSA) representative, I discovered that SWOT stands for Stop Working On Thursdays.

pioneerblog-swot2At Daniels, we don’t have classes on Fridays, so SWOTs are a great way to kick off the three-day weekend, network with other grad students, and explore new places around town. SWOTs, which are sponsored by the GBSA, are held at a wide variety of venues, including bowling alleys, restaurants, and pool halls.pioneerblog-swot3

Even though I have lived in Denver for five years, I have experienced several new places thanks to SWOTs.  For example, I had driven by a pool hall called Tarantula’s countless times, but had never been inside.  SWOT was just the catalyst that I needed to walk through the door.  Even though I’m more likely to hit myself than the ball with the pool cue, I had a great time and felt welcomed and encouraged by the other attendees.pioneerblog-swot4

SWOTs are a wonderful opportunity to meet friendly Daniels students from outside of your cohort or program. Everyone who attends is eager to create connections and make friends. You may even meet people from across the DU community—one of our SWOTs was held at the same time as a Law School event, so we got to meet dozens of prospective lawyers.    Make sure to bring your business cards, too, because you are likely to meet Daniels alumni who could help you get a job or an internship.pioneerblog-swot5

Because SWOTs are held on Thursdays (also known as “the new Fridays”), you can relax, network, and enjoy a new corner of our beautiful city without worrying about getting up bright and early for class the next day.  There is no better way to begin your weekend than by attending a SWOT with your fellow Daniels students!pioneerblog-swot6