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Zilong (Jayden) Yu

BSBA in Business Information and Analytics 2021

Hometown: Xi’an, China

What are the essential elements of your home study-space (other than your computer)?

A docking station with one additional screen and a webcam.

Favorite internship, job or volunteer experience

My favorite internship was working as a customer service associate at an international airport back in my hometown. Because I am a huge fan of aerospace and airline industries, this internship let me understand customer service in a first-hand sense and how data drives the terminal operation. Also, I learned that helping others will benefit myself as well.

Podcast, book or other media you recommend

Two podcasts named Daily News and Up First are my on-the-go source of news. In this way, I can charge myself while I am preparing breakfast.

Favorite Daniels class or experience

My favorite class at Daniels was INFO 1010. This class let me see the charm of data. Beyond that, I got second place in the infographic competition, which made me confident and finally determined that BIA would be my future major.

Best piece of advice for first year students

Never give up on some ideas that you think are not doable or useful in the very beginning. Just give them a try, and maybe they will work and even change your life.