Stuart Shelly 

Laguna Beach, California 

Area of research interest
Accounting and finance, optimizing capitalization of long-lived assets using off balance sheet financing tools, including the use of structured operating contracts.

Master’s degree
MBA, University of Denver

Bachelor’s degree
Accounting, University of Denver


What are some of your hobbies?
Bike riding, skiing and tennis

Where did/are you working while earning your PhD?
Transitional Capital Management (boutique private equity firm), and teaching at Columbia University.

What is your current position?
President and Associate Professor

Why have you decided to pursue a PhD?
To enable a pivot from finance and banking to academia. (I am also writing a textbook, Credit Risk Management & Analysis, with a colleague, Prof. Chris Droussiotis).

Why did you choose to get your PhD from the Daniels College of Business?
Excellent school reputation, short and flexible program, geographic proximity.

What are your career goals or dream job after you complete your PhD?
Continue PE and teach and write and expand research on new financial instruments.

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