Stephanie Ledford

Part-time Professional MBA ’18

Hometown: Columbus, OH

Current Job Title: Brand Finance Manager at Danone

Hobbies: Hiking, gardening and traveling

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What advice do you have for prospective students?

Don’t hesitate. If the thought has crossed your mind to go to grad school, then you are more than ready.

If you could tell your past-self one thing before you started grad school, what would it be?

You will survive this! This is the most transformational two years of your life.

What are some of your favorite things to do in or around Denver?

My favorite thing about Denver is the weather. You can’t beat the sunshine! I also love skiing, hiking, biking and running.

Why did you choose Daniels for your graduate business degree?

I wanted a reputable program that would help develop my goals. From the beginning, the Daniels admissions staff went above and beyond to make sure I felt informed. I knew that if the admissions staff was this welcoming, then the rest of the program would be a perfect fit.

What were you looking for in a business school?

I wanted to pursue my MBA because I felt that I reached a point in my career where I could focus on further development of my leadership style. Attending grad school has always been a goal; it just was a matter of when.

What has surprised you most about business school?

What you can survive! It’s very difficult to work full time and attend school, but it’s amazing what you can handle once you jump in. Also, I always assumed business school was a male-dominated arena. However, the Part-time Professional MBA program at Daniels has proven that women are not only valued and welcomed in to the business environment, but equals. It can be terrifying, but it’s great to know my opinions are heard.

How have you evolved as a leader during your time at Daniels?

I’m a lot more outspoken then I used to be, and I don’t shy away from a challenge. I also feel my emotional intelligence has since developed, and I feel I can respond to conflicts more effectively instead of making assumptions.

Tell us about an “Ah-ha” moment where you put to use what you learned in the classroom.

I’ve noticed I have utilized my leadership skills when working on new projects in the office. It helps me active listen to everyone’s concerns and suggest collaborate solutions.

Want to know more about Stephanie?

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