Stephanie Gerber

Master’s in Business Analytics ’18

Hometown: Denver, CO

Pre-Daniels Experience: I worked in sports marketing for three years with the Olympic Committee and USA Triathlon. Specifically, I worked in fan engagement and relationship management.

Post-Daniels Experience: Data Analyst at Nordstrom Card Services

Hobbies: Reading, skiing, hiking, running and playing with my puppy

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If you could tell your past-self one thing before you started grad school, what would it be?

Don’t be too intimidated. This program includes a lot of coding, statistics and programming that may seem overwhelming on paper. However, if you are ready to put in the time and effort, you can succeed.

How has Daniels prepared you to be market-ready?

I think the biggest piece that analysts struggle with is turning the technical aspects that we have fine-tuned into decisions and recommendations that make sense to the rest of the team. The Business Analytics program at Daniels has done a great job of making us write and fine-tune our presentation and business reporting skill, as well as coding technique.

What are some of your favorite things to do in or around Denver?

I love the mountains, whether it’s skiing, hiking, snowshoeing, running and camping – it’s all great. However, I’m biased because my whole family is here in Denver, which makes this city even better. In the city, I also love to visit the state parks and all the craft breweries. Plus, a Rockies game on a nice night is a great place to be!

Why did you choose Daniels for your graduate degree?

I grew up just down the street from the University of Denver and both of my parents are alumni. However, more specifically, Daniels is the only business analytics program in the country that offers an individual live capstone project. In the last quarter of your degree, you are essentially a consultant helping a company solve their real-time problem.

What were you looking for in a business school?

I had minor experiences in the analytics world, but I knew that in order to learn the technical aspects, like programming and coding, I was going to need a graduate degree.

Is there a particular professor at Daniels that really stands out?

For me it was Phil Beaver, but my assumption is that every student would say the same. He teaches you the theory and the general idea, but really forces you to learn the content. You cannot skate by in his classes. You must truly understand how and why you do what you do, and I think that is a skill too many people do not do anymore. Even though this program is analytical, you must tap in to your creative side to succeed in his classes.

How have you evolved as a leader during your time at Daniels?

After my first quarter at Daniels, I was asked to be a graduate ambassador for the Master’s in Business Analytics program. I attended as many events as possible and provided a student opinion to those who might want to know a little more. This opportunity was a great learning experience. I was in a position where I felt more comfortable providing insight and guidance to those who asked for it.

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