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Savannah Harris

Denver MBA (Full-time) ’22

Hometown: Norman, Oklahoma

Previous Education

BS in Human Development and Family Science, Oklahoma State University

Why did you choose Daniels?

Daniels has a challenge-based curriculum that engages students and gives us hands-on experience to apply what we are learning every step of the way. Daniels is also focused on working with students and being communicative with their prospective and current students. Through Daniels, I have connected with more professors on a personal level before I stepped on campus than ever before. The atmosphere cannot be found anywhere else and it breeds community while challenging you to get the most out of your educational experience. The staff and the cohort quickly become not only your colleagues but your friends.

Pre-grad school experience

Before coming to Daniels, I worked as a rural education volunteer in Zambia for the Peace Corps. I worked with students, teachers, small business startups and NGOs during my time in Zambia.

Post-grad school goal

Daniels is guiding me and ensuring I become confident in my post-grad school goals. However, I am really passionate about corporate social responsibility and what that looks like for large companies and working in marketing for small to mid-sized companies to help them grow successfully.


When I am not doing my school work, I enjoy hiking, running, reading, Netflix binges, spending quality time with friends and travel. My passion for travel and experiential immersion in other cultures and traditions is something that I strive to do whenever the opportunity arises.