Ricky Villareal

Part-time Professional MBA

Hometown: San Diego, California

Previous Education

BS in Electrical Engineering, San Diego State University; ME in Quality Engineering, Arizona State University.

Why did you choose Daniels?

I chose Daniels because of the unique characteristics of the program. The cohort experience has offered a truly collaborative environment among friends along with the leadership retreat that kickstarts the program, where everyone can reflect on their current leadership style and skills. Lastly, I chose Daniels because of the international experience where students can gain a global perspective. 

Pre-grad school experience

I have predominantly worked in the aerospace defense industry as a quality or supplier quality engineer. The bulk of my experience has focused on the supply chain aspect of the aerospace industry. I have been able to be 100% on site at suppliers, leading development and production efforts. Most recently, I am a receiving inspection manager for electrical components destined for outer space.

Post-grad school goal

After completing Daniels’ Professional MBA, I look forward to being a better leader, mentor and coach to my current and future teams. I hope to accomplish this by guiding them through their current career phase and developing their talents to align with their future career goals. I am also looking to advance my own career by moving into a more senior management role by building a more influential executive presence. 


During the summer I enjoy mountain biking, going for a ride on my motorcycle and finding new breweries to try. During the winter months, I enjoy snowboarding and watching San Diego State basketball.