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Rhea Amos

Professional MBA (Part-time) ’21

Hometown: Colorado Springs, Colorado

Previous Education

BFA in Theatre, Stephens College, Columbia, Missouri

Why did you choose Daniels?

I chose Daniels because it has one of the strongest graduate business programs in the nation. With a focus on ethics, Daniels cultivates the world’s next generation of leaders and inspires them to act with integrity in business and in life. I was intrigued by the International Travel Seminar and the opportunity to explore global industries and interact with professionals from all walks of life.

Pre-grad school experience

I currently work at Kaiser Permanente as an access specialist, where I collaborate with clinic and regional leadership teams to optimize appointment access, patient satisfaction and department workflows. I also act as the managing director of a nonprofit theatre company I created called Pandemic Collective.

Post-grad school goal

The beauty of this program is the potential for exposure to different industries, modalities and job opportunities. I am keeping open to possibilities as they present themselves, but I do enjoy cultivating diverse and talented teams and encouraging people to reach their fullest potential. I have an eye for process innovation and creative problem-solving and I am passionate about clear and mission-driven communication that inspires impactful action. I will pursue a career that speaks to these interests and personal strengths.


I like to camp and hike (and my dog Coconut also enjoys these things). I’m a big gardener and I’ve grown quite the jungle on my balcony. I love cooking and I like to travel abroad (my goal is to visit at least one country that I’ve never been to every year).