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Randy Ho

BS 2020

Majors: Marketing and Voice Performance

Hometown: Denver, Colorado

What’s an essential part of your home study space (other than your computer)?

My piano. It’s so nice to be able just to have another way to de-stress and not stare at a screen for another couple hours.

Favorite internship, job or volunteer experience

I think my favorite job so far has been working as a wedding DJ for DjMaestro. Being able to consult newlyweds on the event, run an event and ensure people are having fun is a dream. While also being a part of a workplace culture that is so understanding and enables me to pursue my passions in both music and business.

Podcast, book or other media you recommend

Linkedin Learning. There are so many free courses to squeeze in some more skills and knowledge. I highly recommend this tool.

Or learn how to play an instrument. It is difficult, but you don’t have to be good, just have fun!

Favorite Daniels class or experience

Data Science for Marketers

Your best piece of advice for first-year students

Learn about Pomodoro Cycles. I get so much work done thanks to this technique and actually absorb the information effectively without having to cram for hours.