Peyton Pederson

Master of Science in Real Estate and the Built Environment 2024

Hometown: Benicia, California

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Why did you choose Daniels?

The MS REBE program here at DU was attractive to me for many reasons. Mostly because upon graduating from my undergrad program at Cal Poly, I wasn’t 100% sure what career I was ready to settle on, and DU’s REBE program offers an “a la carte” structure that gives you the resources you need to choose your path. I knew I was interested in the built environment; I just wasn’t sure if that was through real estate, construction, planning or development. The MS REBE program offered the perfect solution and is accredited by the business school, giving me an enormous variety of skills to be successful in whatever role I choose in the built environment.

Previous Education

BS in city and regional planning, minor in property development at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo

Pre-grad school experience

I graduated from my undergrad at Cal Poly in March 2023 and spent the summer as project coordinator at Rogall & Co., a small construction company in San Luis Obispo, scheduling projects and assisting the project managers.

Post-grad school goal

Ultimately, I would like to find a role in construction management as a project engineer in commercial development and work my way up to the project manager role.


Hiking! I love exploring new areas, traveling and meeting new people.