Peter May

Denver MBA (Full-time) ’22

Hometown: Bowling Green, Kentucky

Previous Education

BA in Business Administration and Political Science, University of Evansville

Why did you choose Daniels?

I chose Daniels because Denver has become my home and attending DU affords me the opportunity to make connections in a community that I have grown to love. Second, I have several mentors that are graduates of various DU graduate school programs, and they spoke very highly of their experiences. Finally, the challenge-based curriculum intrigued me because of how well it translates to the real world and it provides the opportunity to be competitive.

Pre-grad school experience

I was a director at a nonprofit organization in Denver at the Colorado Rapids Youth Soccer Club.

Post-grad school goal

I am not sure just yet, as I am hoping to maximize my experience at Daniels to find what I am most passionate about.


I do a lot of outdoor activities, hiking, mountain biking and running marathons. I also love soccer; I played in college and a little beyond, so I spend some time playing in local soccer leagues.