Nick Haggard

Part-time Professional MBA ’19

Hometown: Atlanta, GA

Current Job Title: Senior Regional Marketing Consultant at iHeartMedia

Hobbies: Golf, white water rafting, and playing with my baby girl, Avery

Dream Job: Become the CMO of a company that I helped start.

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What advice do you have for prospective students?

There are a lot of options out there to get your MBA. Daniels provides both an incredible reputation and in-person interaction with both your cohort and professors. Those aspects provided the additional value made Daniels really desirable to me.

What’s it like being in a cohort?

You are with the same group of students throughout the entire program, so you get to know your classmates really well, and it increases the engagement and willingness for people to be vocal in class.

What are some of your favorite things to do in or around Denver?

Denver is an incredible city with great access to the mountains. My family and I love to spend time in Wash Park, bike around town, go on brewery tours and hit up the farmers market on Pearl Street.

Why an MBA?

I have always wanted to earn an MBA and knew that in order to grow in my career I needed to increase my business knowledge. When my wife became pregnant with our first kid, I realized that the time was now! It wasn’t going to get easier as my child got older.

I was looking for a program that would help me in several ways: grow within my current company, work my way up to a C-level position and expand my knowledge to one day start my own company. I felt Daniels was the school to help me achieve these goals.

How do you manage work-life balance while taking classes?

Thankfully, classes start when my child goes to bed so I am not missing time with her. I have focused on simply being more productive with my time, and that has enabled me to stay in front of deliverables for school and work so that I don’t fall behind.

How have you evolved as a leader during your time at Daniels?

Every class you work with a different team. Similar to the real world, every group requires something different from you as a leader and contributor. Sometimes I step forward and lead the team, while other groups require me to step back and be more of a support role.

How has Daniels prepared you to be market-ready?

I believe I now truly understand financial statements, can recognize competitive market strategies and think with a more innovative mindset.