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Memo Trevino

Denver MBA (Full-time) ’22

Hometown: Laredo, Texas

Previous Education

BBA in Finance, Texas A&M University

Why did you choose Daniels?

The challenge-based curriculum at Daniels really excited me. I enjoy working on projects with different people so the program seemed like a great fit for me. I’ve also always wanted to live closer to the mountains and Denver provides a great opportunity for that.

Pre-grad school experience

I worked in the banking industry for three years in Dallas after I graduated from Texas A&M. I completed a commercial banking development program that gave me a tremendous opportunity to learn from a great group of people that were really focused on my development. My partner and I also took a year off prior to pursuing my MBA to travel around the country in a teardrop trailer.

Post-grad school goal

I’m not exactly sure what I’d like to do after completing my MBA. I do know that I’d like to work for a company that cares about its people, its customers and the environment.


I enjoy hiking, rock climbing and traveling. I enjoy spending time outside and learning from different people and cultures.