Mary Agan

Masters of Science in Marketing ’21

Hometown: Houston, Texas

Previous Education

BS in Business Administration, concentration in Finance and Marketing, University of Colorado, Boulder

Why did you choose Daniels?

I chose Daniels for a few reasons. The graduate programs are so customizable to specific interests, the staff seemed very involved with the students’ personal and professional growth (I was proven more than right) and I really missed living in Denver. All things I was looking for fell into place.

Pre-grad school experience

I’m currently the director of operations for Electric Hawk, which is a music publication, independent record label and artist management company in the electronic music space. It’s an incredibly fulfilling passion project. Prior to that, I spent a year in an engineering field sales role for Schlumberger, living in Denver. I realized a career in the oil industry was not where I saw my life path, so I decided to take a moving risk and headed out to Telluride, Colorado, where I began my real estate career. Although Telluride was a fantastic experience, I was missing life in a city and was itching to try to focus my efforts on breaking into the music industry, after working on some live events in Telluride. Even though music is a passion of mine, I understood it was going to be quite difficult. I moved to Salt Lake City, where I became marketing and events director for a real estate team there. While living there, I also joined Electric Hawk and was in charge of facilitating the structure and launch of the independent record label, which I now oversee. Fast forward to 2020, after COVID derailed all plans for this year, I realized this is the perfect time to invest in myself again. After extensive program research, I knew I was meant to begin my journey at Daniels.

Post-grad school goal

I was unsure of the career path I wanted to focus on when I was applying to Daniels, but now my efforts are being tailored to pursuing a marketing position within the cannabis industry.


I am a self-admitted crazy plant lady! When I am not tied to my desk, I am either at a concert or festival, at the plant store, hiking or working out in some other fashion. Given that my life surrounds music as well, it’s extremely rare you will find me anywhere without music playing.